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Please Call The Church Office For More Details.
Phone:  210-434-3247



Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller's decision to revoke the dispensation from attending Sunday Mass and days of obligation will take effect May 23, 2021.  This decision is due to the signicant decline of COVID patients and deaths in San Antonio.  The improvement is attributed to more persons being vaccinated and following the CDC guidelines.  

We urge you to contact the parish office in case you remain sick and in need of the Holy Eucharist.  Our Homebound Team is ready to visit you and provide pastoral care assistance.

Arrival Proceedings:

Please wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before leaving your home.

Face coverings are optional and should be worn throughout the entire Mass.

Hand sanitizers are placed at the doors of the church.  We ask that everyone sanitize their hands as they enter and exit the church.  Temperatures will still be taken.

Social distancing is encouraged.

Mass Procedures:

The Sign of Peace will be expressed with a simple sign of a head bow or other gesture of greeting.

The Precious Blood of Christ is now being distributed.

Communion Procedures:

We ask parishioners to receive Holy Communion on the hand only.

The Precious Blood of Christ is now being distributed.

Use of personal hand sanitizer, before communion, is strongly encouraged.

Departure Procedures:

Please avoid socializing after mass.

The bulletins will be handed to you at the end of each mass by the ushers as you leave the church.

Church Sanitizing Procedures:

Bathrooms, door handles, and other frequently touched surfaces will continue to be disinfected after each mass.

Most importantly I encourage you to make an effort to join your fellow parishioners in attending Mass on Sunday and days of obligation.  You may also attend the daily Mass at 12:00 noon.  We are the Body of Christ.   Our church is well prepared in welcoming you back and keeping you safe.  It is time to come to church and celebrate the Eucharist.  God will protect us and help us overcome our doubt, fear, uncertainty, anxiety and death.

Join "15 Minute Coffee with Fr. Fidèle"
Wednesday @ 2 p.m.
Livestream On The Church Facebook Page

Church Chapel
 Monday - Friday
9AM - 12 noon & 2PM - 5PM

Please Find Time In Your Busy Schedule To Visit With The Lord
And Offer Him Quality Time


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